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Get wireless with the XBee service for Microsoft's Robotics Studio!

Project Description

This is a Microsoft Robotics Studio DSS service used to communicate with XBee devices. It is able to send messages to remote end devices and receive data samples from them. It is built on top of the Grommet library.


The service is built using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3. Current features are:
  • Send a text message to an XBee end device
  • Send digital output state to and XBee end device 
  • Receive data samples from an XBee end device
  • Supports API Operation, and API Operation Escaped modes
  • Searches host computer for connected XBee if COM port not specified
  • Simple XSLT page in the Robotics Studio control panel
  • Supports XBee Series 2 firmware

Future enhancements

  • Add support for larger networks including
    • many-to-one routing
    • source routing


I'd like to thank the developers of the Grommet library. This project is built on top of the Grommet library's support for XBee devices.


Jeff McKelvey

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